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By August 15, 2019News & Tips

Meet @thebrightonset

Swap predictable with a commanding beauty look.

Meet four local beauty businesses in Brighton (Victoria), joining forces to offer their individual beauty expertise, as a package for key monthly Melbourne events.   

Who are The Brighton Set?

Emma Davis – Makeup Artist – Emma D Hair & Makeup, Brighton

Amanda Attana – Spray Tan – TanFX, Brighton

Charlotte Terray – Hair Stylist – Charlotte Terray Hair Stylist, Brighton

Emma Vosti – Eyelash Artist – Miss Eyelash, Brighton


Why now? “Well, I’d always wanted to try them, but I’d never discovered anyone who did beautiful, natural looking lashes. And I just didn’t want to look like an off duty drag queen!

Then I connected with Emma from Miss Eyelash.

We were introduced by a mutual friend after Emma relocated from her hometown of Melbourne to my hometown of Adelaide. We immediately hit it off over coffee (I loved her no-BS attitude to beauty) and I was finally convinced.

I booked in for my very first appointment to have a Premium Classic Full Set applied (at Emma’s recommendation) and I’ve since had a refill appointment, so I thought it was timely to report back and to answer all of the questions you had for me.

Who is Emma Vosti?

Emma Vosti is Miss Eyelash – founder & brains behind this beauty brand.

Emma’s story spans the past decade in the eyelash industry in Melbourne and has always been a standout of excellence to her craft.

Her unique attention to detail makes Miss Eyelash the destination for women to enjoy a guaranteed style of quality eyelash extensions.

A tip from Emma:

Make sure that you don’t wear any eye makeup to your appointment – including mascara. ESPECIALLY mascara.

Emma cleanses the eyelid and lashes with a saline solution at the start of the appointment, but to really maximise your results and minimise your time at your appointment, you should make sure that your eyes are completely clean of any makeup.

How long does the first appointment take?

About 1-1.5 hours, depending on how many lash extensions you have applied.

Emma has this down to a fine art and understands we’re all busy women who have so much to do and can’t afford to lose too much of our day.

Having said this, apparently, 4 out of 5 women fall asleep during their appointment, so it goes to show – we appreciate the break!

Do not use any oil based products on your lashes.

I had a bad dream and in my half-asleep-haze, furiously rubbed my right eye. Safe to say, when I got up in the morning and looked in the mirror, I’d managed to lose a few extensions.

It didn’t look terrible, but I could see a few gaps, which is why I booked in for my refill appointment 3.5 weeks after my first. I could have gone longer than that had I not had my unfortunate little mishap.

We only have a limited number of Race Day Pamper Packages for key the events in November at the special price of $495 (normally $580) must be paid in full by upon booking.




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