Slim Line Eye Pads


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These hydrating mini eye patches are a blissful companion to aid in the comfort of all professional eyelash treatments including: eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting, lash lift perming.

Light weight & malleable: a perfect suitor for those blessed with high cheekbones & deep set eyes.

Designed for experienced technicians who prefer working with lighter, fine patches.

Banana curve, to fit seamlessly along the lower lash line.

Suitable for sensitive eyes.


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50 pkts $125 ($2.50 pkt/$1.25 pair)

100 pkts $250 less 10% $225 ($2.25 pkt/$1.125 per pair)

200 pkts $500 less 15% $425 ($2.125 pkt/$1.0625 per pair)

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