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By August 15, 2019News & Tips

Meet @thebrightonset

Swap predictable with a commanding beauty look.

Meet four local beauty businesses in Brighton (Victoria), joining forces to offer their individual beauty expertise, as a package for key monthly Melbourne events.   


Who are The Brighton Set?

Emma Davis – Makeup Artist – Emma D Hair & Makeup, Brighton

Amanda Attana – Spray Tan – TanFX, Brighton

Charlotte Terray – Hair Stylist – Charlotte Terray Hair Stylist, Brighton

Emma Vosti – Eyelash Artist – Miss Eyelash, Brighton


Who is Emma Davis?

Emma D Makeup & Hair

Emma’s passion & expertise is the application of flawless natural makeup where you arrive to an event recognisable & with that ‘Wow’ factor. Her approach is modern and fresh not powdery and heavy. It’s all about the skin looking radiant not overdone. 

Her interpretation of a clients brief is positively on point & reflected across her numerous reviews she has collected since opening her doors in 2011.

A sharp eye, listening ear, warm demeanour & professional manner, makes her a popular choice for the apprehensive lady that doesn’t usually wear much make up.

Making people feel good about themselves is what drives Emma. She loves her clients to leave feeling confident and beautiful.

FIVE random facts about Emma D.

One is a lie. Can you guess which one?

1. I’ve fire walked.

2. broke my collarbone wresting with boys.

3. my grandfather was a tailor to the top cops and the underworld in collins st

4. I’ve flown on the knee of a pilot from Mykonos to London wearing the pilots sunglasses.

5. I danced on a float at rio carnival.

A TIP from Emma D:

It’s always a good idea to have two shades of foundation in your preferred brand, so you can mix the right colour all year round.

Who is Emma Vosti?

Miss Eyelash

Emma Vosti is Miss Eyelash – founder & brains behind this beauty brand.

Emma’s story spans the past decade in the eyelash industry in Melbourne and has always been a standout of excellence to her craft.

Her unique attention to detail makes Miss Eyelash the destination for women to enjoy a guaranteed style of quality eyelash extensions.

FIVE random facts about Emma V.

One is a lie. Can you guess which one?

1. Ran away with the Moscow Circus

2. Attempted to invent an umbrella vending machine, while in a drought.

3. I have a rose named after me.

4. Currently listening to Steve Lacy Apollo XX1

5. I collect candle snuffs.

A TIP from Emma:

Make sure that you don’t wear any eye makeup to your appointment – including mascara. ESPECIALLY mascara! This will drastically reduce the longevity of your lashes.


Who is Charlotte Terray?

Charlotte Terray Hair Stylist

Charlotte opened her first hair salon in Sandringham, inspired by her French connections in Chamonix.

She is renown for her artistic & intuitive approach to her hairdressing  & featured in the vogue hair directory for three consecutive years.

Now embracing a change of pace, Charlotte is enjoying focusing her attention on the art of event hair styling.

FIVE random facts about Charlotte.

One is a lie. Can you guess which one?

1. I was stolen by bikies when I was 5 months old.

2. I broke my wrist kite surfing.

3. My grandfather was a famous mountain climber.

4. My dad used to sell clothes to prostitutes for a living.

5. I opened my first salon at 21 years old.

A TIP from Charlotte:

You can style hair into any beautiful ‘do’ but unless the hair is 100% dried and cooled off prior to finishing it will not go the distance. It will take on a new form as soon as the fresh air touches it. 100% dried – then set with cool air does the trick!


Who is Amanda Attana?

Tan FX

TanFX was established in Bayside Melbourne in 2009. Amanda’s goal was to have an all natural organic based company.

Her desired tan is to look as natural as possible. A natural tan always complements any outfit & makes you feel your best.

Over the last 10 years Amanda has mastered the art and science of tanning.

She only uses the best organic products on the market, and you’ll never look like “you’ve rolled in nachos” 🙂

FIVE random facts about Amanda.

One is a lie. Can you guess which one?

1 – fractured my coccyx doing a cartwheel

2. I was a podium dancer at Chasers and Chevron

3. Have a phobia to birds

4. Took Cooper to MCG to watch football with friends in the members had a couple of drinks and forgot he was with me came home without him.

5. My dad was a racing car driver.

A TIP from Amanda:

If you apply deodorant before your tan, your underarms will go green. Once your tan is dry, nothing will budge it, except water. 


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